South Speaks: TikTok Ban

Ashton Crosley, Staff Writer

Currently, across the United States different states and universities are banning Tiktok from their personal servers. There are large security concerns with the popular social media platform as its parent company is based in China. The US government fears that people’s information could be shared by the parent company, putting the US in a large national security crisis. South students share their opinions of the topic below. 

Freshman, Stella Ham said, “I understand the security concerns, but I also see why people don’t want to give [Tik Tok] up. [However] I think the security concerns are a legitimate problem.”

Lennon Mobley, a sophomore, shared, “I am not on Tik Tok because of privacy concerns, so I don’t really care if it gets banned.”

Nolan Lamoureux, a junior, stated, “I definitely realize there are some privacy concerns for [Tik Tok].”

Senior, Carlie Pederson said, “I love Tiktok. It keeps me entertained, and I love making Tik Toks with my friends. So I would be pretty sad.”