South Speaks: Holiday Presents

Ashton Crosley, Staff Writer

As we head out of the holiday season students, are abuzz about their favorite holiday presents. These students were asked if they received what they asked for during the holiday season, their favorite gift they got, or the best gift they gave this year. Here are their responses. 



Freshman Ava Perez said “[she] liked all of her presents [including] clothes, shoes, an Ipsy subscription, other makeup, and skin products.” This made it hard for her to choose a favorite, but these were all some of her favorite things.



Senior Gabe Arthur said he “got some of the things on his list for Christmas this year.” These things included “a PlayStation 5 and some t-shirts,” said Arthur.



Sophomore Cora Bidulescu said “[her] favorite gift was a baby pink comfy.”



Junior Hunter Tabor said “the best gift [he] gave this year was a store bought picture frame with the stock photo still inside, simply because someone else pointed out the image looked like the gift’s receiver.”